Care & Maintenance

While we stand by the quality of our products, their longevity and durability depend a lot on how well you commit to properly caring for them.  We recommend that you regularly follow these care instructions for your AA & BEEK products.


Cutting boards/Serving trays:

  • Never soak in water
  • Never put in the dishwasher
  • Hand wash with warm, soapy water and dry completely

To keep the wood from cracking, liberally apply Howard mineral oil, as needed.  Depending on how often you use your item, application frequency may vary.  In general, whenever the item starts to look dry, apply mineral oil!

Over time, your item will develop “character”, i.e. mild scratches from use.  While end-grain products are more durable than edge or face grain products, all wooden products are capable of being scratched.  The nice thing about wood, though, is that you can sand and refinish it should the character lines bother you.  Otherwise, embrace them!


Finished Furniture Items:

With proper care, AA & BEEK furniture items can last from generation to generation.  To ensure the longevity of your item, we recommend you consider the following:  
    • Dust your item regularly using a dry, soft cloth (can lightly dampen, if necessary). Dust that builds up over long periods of time can scratch the surface of your furniture.
      • Do not use all-purpose cleaners…these can eat through the finish that we use.
        • Apply Howard Feed-N-Wax regularly…this will help protect the finish on your furniture item and reduce the chance for surface scratches.
          • Furniture placed in direct sunlight or near heating units/vents may experience fading, drying or cracking over time, so be careful when choosing a permanent spot for your piece of furniture.

            Recommended Products:

            Howard Butcher Block Conditioner

            Howard Cutting Board Oil

            Howard Feed-N-Wax