Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between face grain, edge grain and end grain cutting boards?


Great question! Here is the breakdown:

Face grain- These boards truly reveal the natural beauty of the wood grain. They expose the largest surface area of the grain design and display the uniqueness of each wood species. We enjoy using face grain boards for serving cheese, crackers and fruit.


Edge Grain-  If you rotate multiple face grain boards on their side, you can create an edge grain board.   These boards are great for light prep work, i.e. vegetable cutting.  The edge grain is slightly denser than face grain boards, so knife marks are minimized on these boards.


End Grain-  If you cut edge grain boards into strips and rotate them once again, so the grain of the wood points towards you, you now have an end grain board.  Confused yet?  

End grain boards are best for heavy cutting, i.e. cooked meat preparation. The direction of the grain on an end grain board allows the knife to slip in between the wood fibers, keeping your board and knives looking great.

All board types are beautiful in their own way. We hope you can find one that fits your needs!


Do you refinish furniture?

Unfortunately, we do not.  As long as you take care of any product from us, it should last you a lifetime.  

How do I care for my new furniture?

With an abundance of love!   Check out our Care and Maintenance page for more details!

How long does it take to build a custom table?