Meet AA & BEEK

Meet AA & Beek - Wood Furniture and decor with a story
Creating unique, hand-crafted home goods is a specialized mix of art and science -- which is why this husband and wife team are the perfect pair to do business together. With a masters degree and many years spent working in the field of Forensics, AA brings a well-honed attention to detail and analytical finesse. And as a trombonist and musical performer, BEEK balances AA's scientific leanings with a creativity and artistic flair all his own. When they're not creating beautiful home goods and specialized gifts, playing music at the Kennedy Center or analyzing DNA -- you'll find this dynamic duo singing karaoke, dancing to salsa music in the kitchen, and snuggling with their very spoiled Hairless Chinese Crested. There's never a dull moment in the lives of AA & BEEK -- and their hand-crafted home decor and gifts are as unique as their life together.

 Let AA & BEEK become a part of your story.